It's been a year since I last posted. I will be uploading more new pics soon. Lucy just started the 2nd grade. She loves school. She is taking ballet, tap and jazz. Will perform in the Nutcracker this Christmas. She has matured leaps and bounds this year. It's pretty amazing. She is acting so much more grown up. Lucy is a real joy in our life. Her enthusiasm is inspiring.


Lucy is having a great summer! She is going to a girls summer camp and swimming lessons. Lot's of playdates with BFF Sienna.


Daddy Daughter Dance 6/2009

Snow White Dance Recital 6/2009


We recently scanned Lucy's referral pics, thought we'd post them.
She has changed so much. These photos are very precious to us.

Back Bay 2008

Backbay 2009

Backbay 2009

With her prized barbies 2009

Loves singing w/ her uke 2009

Our Little Ballerina



Lucy loves her Tinkbell dress!

My sweet girl!
Lucy flying her kite she made in school!

Lucy and Sienna
Lucy and Jesse (school pal), in the Back Bay


Lucy and Baba, Upper Back Bay

Tap and Ballet

Dress up day at Ballet


Lucy's Christmas and New Years Message (also says happy new year in Chinese)




New Pics of Princess Lucy

One of Lucy's little fashion getup's

Loves to climb on Ba ba

Not one bit afraid

Having fun at the fair w/ Will and Ben

At the OC fair with Mama, Ba ba, Will and Ben

Lucy's friend, Sienna

Trick or Treat w/ Sienna

Silly Princess