No Referrals Yet!

No referrals yet from CCAA. Another cyber slumber party on Rumour Queen site. Another medium rumor from another agency that the referral cutoff date could extend to August 28. That would mean we very possibly could get our referral in Nov. Too exciting to think about.

Still Waiting for Referrals

Still waiting for CCAA site to change. Strong rumor on Rumor Queen site. Tater agency says their August 24th LIDers are getting referrals, which means, referrals are going to 8/24 . With an LID date of 9/8/o5, we could possibly get a referral next month, but for sure by Dec. It's getting very exciting.


Cyber Slumber Party :

We are having a cyber slumber party on the RQ site all anxiously waiting to see if the CCAA site updates tonight. Strong rumors indicating referral cut off most likely August 23. Everyone is hoping it extends longer. Fingers crossed.