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Waiting For Our TA's

We are now waiting for our TAs (travel arrangements) from the CCAA. We could be leaving on Jan 19th or Jan 26th, flying from LAX to Hong Kong and then flying on to Guangzhou. Lucy's orphanage is located in Wuchuan, in the Guangdong Province. We will meet Lucy in Guangzhou on the second day of our arrival. We are so excited to meet our daughter.


Lucy's Finding Ad

Here is Lucy's finding ad pic. She was found in front of the Meilu Elementary School in Wuchuan, one day old. This picture was taken when she was 6 mo's old. "What a cutie pie!

Lucy's Current Pic
She has a sweet face even with her little frown.


More Info on Lucy

I have found some more info on Lucy. Her weight at birth was 6lbs 3oz and her height was 19.6''. Standing at 15 mos, walking at 18 months, walking good at 2 yrs, also at 2 yrs counts 1-5, and can fold paper. 2.5 yrs she is potty trained! 2 yrs, 9 mos helps make the bed. 3 yrs, sings and can draw a circle and she helps put things back in the playroom.

One of Lucy's main meals is rice soup with meat, vegetable and egg yolk. Below is a picture of Lucy's orphanage in Wuchuan. It was built in 2000, it looks like a nice modern building. There are 100 babies and 30 employees there. Hopefully most of the employees are caretakers. I know she is being well taken care of.

I'm concerned because of Lucy's age, how she will react when they give her to us. It's going to be quite a shock when she leaves her caretaker and goes with us. If they are going to start releasing older children for adoption, I would like to see them implement a plan where the children can gradually get to know the parents over a period of several days or even a week so it isn't such a shock.

We bought a Wuchuan Orphanage DVD from Brian Stuy at (research-china.org) The DVD shows the Wuchuan orphanage, and finding places in Wuchuan area, (place where abandoned babies are found). It also shows some very interesting cultural festivals.


We are so blessed. We have two wonderful grown sons, Chris and Rian and two beautiful daughters-in-law, Gwen and Sandy and 4 incredible grandchildren. We are so lucky to have this little girl a part of our lives and she is so lucky to have this family.

We are crazy about our grandchildren, they give us so much joy. How awesome that Lucy will have them in her life. Here are some pics of our family.


Lucy Mei Shattuck

Chinese Name: Mei Xiu Feng

Mei: plum
Xiu: beautiful; elegant; graceful; beautiful scenery; intelligent
Feng: maple

Birthdate: 5-3-2003
Wuchuan SWI, Guangdong Province

Here's our beautiful baby girl! We are absolutely in love! She looks like she's thinking "excuse me, are we done here yet? Can I please go back to solving my mathematical equations." Can't wait to give her hugs and kisses and put a smile on her adorable face!

In her information packet it says:
  • she is fond of listening to music, (yeah we're musicians!)
  • gets along well with others
  • fond of playing with toys
  • fond of playing games
  • speaking a sentence of 5 - 10 Chinese characters
  • sleeps moderately
  • is active