Long time since I last blogged. It's been a life changing experience with little time for anything else but our sweet Lucy and work, whenever we can fit the latter part in. Lucy is adjusting really well. She is a real joy in our life, always making us laugh. She is beginning to speak English and understands it really well. It started a month ago with two-word phrases and now she is speaking 4 and 5-word phrases, it's amazing, every day she says something new and most nearly perfect pronounciation.

Her favorite shows are Emily Yeung, Dora and the Wonder Pets. She is a happy, energetic, curious, girly, tomboy. She loves putting on dresses and dancing around in them , and then loves running with Baba in the backbay, jumping on the trampoline and playing ball. Lucy's made some new friends and plays really well with them.

Lucy also loves music and sings all the time . She will play her piano and drum and sing at the same time, while hitting her drum in perfect rhythm.

Lucy's had quite a special 4th birthday, first she was visited by our good friends, Jules and Serra. Jules is a popular children's entertainer in Southern CA, he gave a special performance just for Lucy, and Lucy loved it! Afterwards Lucy celebrated her B-day with her grandpa Jay who's b-day is on 5/1, Lucy's is on 5/3 , and Aunt Tina and Uncle Ernie at Ruby's. She loved eating her ice cream with grandpa. The following weekend we celebrated Lucy's B-day with family, neighborhood pals and friends we went to China with, Sheila, Steve and baby Erin; and Emma, Todd and baby Jade. It was great seeing them and made Lucy's birthday special. I wanted to mention that when we first brought Lucy home she was deathly afraid of dogs and cats and now she loves them, and loves to pet them, this was a huge hurdle! Yay!

Lucy loves climbing on rocks



Loves her doll Mei Mei

Loves Being Sweet

playing drum

in the backbay

Lucy's serious side

I love kissng those cheeks!

What a Cutie!

Jules singing while Lucy plays along

Serra showing Lucy her new book, while Jules sings the story's lyrics, cool!

Lucy and Grandpa Jay enjoying their ice cream

Steve and sweet baby Erin

Emma, Todd and sweet baby Jade

Lucy's new friend, Sienna